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Snooze-Friendly Spaces: Selecting Beds for Your Vacation Rental

Transform your vacation rental into a dreamy escape with the perfect bed configuration. The right setup is key to guest satisfaction!

As a short-term rental designer or property owner, one of the design challenges you'll grapple with is: "How can I optimize the bedroom configurations to ensure every guest has a rejuvenating night's sleep?" Today, we're diving into the how to choose the best bed setups for your short-term vacation rental, ensuring that your property stands out in a sea of options.

icon bunks short term rental bunk beds

Understanding the Layout and Maximizing Space

Every vacation rental is unique, reflecting the character of its locale. Yet, there's wisdom in adhering to traditional room setups for immediate guest familiarity. A king-sized bed in the master bedroom is a classic choice, while additional rooms can offer a mix of queen and twin beds to cater to families or groups of friends.

Consider the following guidelines:

  • Single-bedroom properties: They often cater to couples or solo travelers. Aim for a luxurious king or a comfortable queen bed to make a statement.

  • Two-bedroom rentals: Typically attracting small families or groups, a combination of a king in one room and twin beds in the other caters to adults and children alike.

  • Three-bedroom homes: A diverse mix with a king or queen in the master and varying sizes in the additional rooms offers versatility.

  • Properties with four or more bedrooms: Here, the freedom to mix and match king, queen, and twin beds – perhaps even bunk beds – allows for customization based on guest needs.

icon bunks short term rental bunk beds

Know Your Audience

Are you launching your Airbnb or considering an upgrade? It's crucial to research your competition and review your guest history. This will guide you in tailoring your space to the demographic you attract. Family-friendly destinations might benefit from rooms with twin beds or bunks, while destinations frequented by couples would do well with larger beds.

Flexibility and Guest Experience

In the world of short-term rentals, flexibility can be a game-changer. Options like bunk beds, sofa beds, and futons can add sleeping capacity without sacrificing style or comfort. However, avoid the temptation to overcrowd rooms in pursuit of higher occupancy. Comfort and space are key to positive reviews.

To optimize the guest experience, focus on:

  • Comfort: Invest in high-quality mattresses and luxurious, breathable bedding.

  • Privacy: Offer separate bedrooms and avoid shared sleeping areas in open layouts.

  • Accessibility: Ensure rooms are navigable for those with mobility issues, with ample space around beds.

icon bunks short term rental bunk beds

Announcing VRDCollective's Brand Partner ICON Bunks

What if you could redefine the bunk bed concept for both adults and children? Enter the Vacation Rental Designer Collective's brand partner, ICON Bunks, a brand revolutionizing sleep solutions in vacation homes. These designer-quality bunk beds are not only safe and sturdy but also customizable to your space.

Why we love ICON Bunks:

  • Customize your layout: Choose how your bunk beds fit into the room, with various access points.

  • Unmatched Quality and Safety: Trust in the best-in-industry quality that ICON Bunks is known for. ICON Bunks are designed to uphold USCSC and ASTM safety standards for children and adults.

  • Easy Installation: Have your bunks shipped and assembled on-site, either by yourself or by a trained Icon Installer.

  • ICON Bunks' versatility and ease of customization make them an excellent choice for vacation rental owners looking to maximize space while offering a unique sleep experience.

Your vacation rental should be a sanctuary where weary travelers can rest easy. By considering the layout, your guests, and innovative sleep solutions like ICON Bunks, you can create a space that feels like home. A well-thought-out bed configuration not only meets the needs of your guests but also sets the stage for 5-star reviews and repeat visits.

icon bunks short term rental bunk beds

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