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Monetize Your Vacation Rental with Shoppable Spaces

Short-term vacation rentals offer a unique opportunity for homeowners to generate additional income. But have you ever considered enhancing your earnings by turning your rental into a shoppable experience? It's a creative strategy that not only enhances your guests' stay but also adds a new revenue stream.

In this blog post, we show you how to monetize your short-term vacation rental with shoppable spaces.

kitchen in short-term vacation rental

Here are the top 5 benefits of creating a short-term vacation rental property that is shoppable by your guests:

  • Unlock Extra Revenue: The most obvious benefit of a shoppable vacation rental is the potential for an additional income stream. By pricing the unique items in your rental, you can earn extra revenue every time a guest decides to purchase an item.

  • Enhance Your Guest Experience: A shoppable vacation rental can enhance your guests’ experience. It allows them to bring home a piece of their vacation, making their stay memorable and unique. This can lead to positive reviews and repeat bookings.

  • Increase Your Visibility: Making your rental shoppable differentiates your property from other rentals. This unique selling proposition can make your listing stand out in a crowded market, attracting more potential guests.

  • Grow Your Brand: A shoppable vacation rental can help strengthen your brand. By carefully selecting items that align with your brand, you can create a cohesive feel and make your rental instantly recognizable. This can increase brand loyalty and encourage repeat bookings.

  • Boost Your Social Media: Guests are more likely to share photos of unique, beautiful interior elements on social media. This not only promotes the items for sale but also your rental property, potentially reaching a wider audience.

No one understands the value of shoppable spaces more than Eoin Harrington, the Founder and CEO of MINE, one of the latest brands to partner with the Vacation Rental Designers Collective.

While in the process of purchasing a home in Sausalito, he and his wife attended an open house where they were captivated by many of the furniture pieces and attempted to buy them, but the staging company needed the pieces for future projects and didn't even know their origin. This experience sparked an idea in Harrington, leading him to think, "There's potential in this."

MINE founders Stephane Nguyen, Eoin Harrington, Sandra Stangl, and Bennett Hauser.
MINE founders Stephane Nguyen, Eoin Harrington, Sandra Stangl, and Bennett Hauser.

Harrington partnered with industry leaders Stephane Nguyen, Sandra Stangl, and Bennett Hauser to create MINE, a one-of-a-kind platform that offers the tangible benefits of physical stores without the associated overhead costs.

Over the last few years, MINE has been quietly building a network of over 1200 physical furniture showrooms across the US, showcasing designer curated assortments of home furniture and furnishings. These showrooms are open 7 days a week for anyone looking to buy a piece of furniture or discover design inspiration. Rapid growth of this nature was made possible by partnering with the largest public home builders, transforming their model homes into shoppable experiences, and allowing visitors to purchase the products they see on MINE.

a showroom for MINE

Today, MINE is disrupting the traditional furniture retail industry by working with multiple furniture vendors and home builders across the US. By partnering with 300+ vendors, they can cover all styles and price points, while delivering stunning designs in line with your short-term rental budget.

Studio MINE, the company's new to-the-trade platform, is extending its proprietary technology to designers across the U.S., helping them turn projects into shoppable experiences. Designers will have access to the entire Studio MINE technology platform including a live multi-vendor product marketplace, project management tools, smart floor plans, shopping lists, and dynamic mood-boards. They even have an AI-powered chat assistant that can help you with intelligent feedback for your projects!

With Studio MINE, not only are you streamlining your business, you're also create a geo-tagged digital storefront that guests can explore and shop. You're also empowering your clients by offering them a highly differentiated and engaging experience that can also earn them additional income!

woman using laptop and Studio MINE platform.

Studio MINE works with only the best wholesale partners, offering more than 200,000 SKUs that cover all styles and budgets. Available brands include Alder & Tweed, Classic Home, Currey & Company, D.V. KAP Home, Dovetail, D.W. Silks, Elk Home, Essentials for Living, Four Hands, Jaipur Living, Jamie Young Co., Leftbank Art, MOE'S Home Collection, NOIR, Phillips Collection, Regina Andrew, Renwil, Safavieh, Surya, TOV, Universal Furniture, Uttermost, and more!

And here's the good news! If you are a member of the Vacation Rental Designers Collective, you’re automatically eligible for a Studio MINE trade account.

Exclusive discounts aren’t the only benefit! Joining the VRDCollective means you're never alone in your design journey. With us, you're part of a supportive network that shares your vision, values your craft, and prioritizes your success. As part of the VRDC, you'll harness collective knowledge, amplify your impact, and learn how to create sustainable financial growth.

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Find your tribe, attract new clients, and watch your business thrive! Join us in redefining the vacation rental industry—one beautifully profitable space at a time.

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