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How To Decorate Your Vacation Rental Home For The Holidays

Post pandemic travel, especially during the holidays, is in full swing.

Whether you have a local vacation rental or not, decorating for the holiday seasons is possible and will allow your guests to arrive holiday ready.

Here are our pro tips for you or your property manager to use when decorating for the holiday seasons.

  1. Don’t block important features like a beautiful view.

  2. For safety reasons, keep the fireplace mantel simple or do not add a lot of holiday décor. Also, keep walkways open for guests to move around comfortably.

  3. Decorate with neutral colors like silver and gold. White is another neutral color.

  4. Use garlands or greenery. Hanging greenery or a wreath on a mirror is a great way to add a festive touch.

  5. Don’t use holiday specific items, like Santa, angels, dreidels. Being religiously-neutral will welcome all guests respectfully.

If you are not local to the vacation rental property, having a few holiday/seasonal items for your property management team to place before guests arrive is an option.

Consider having a list of what and where you would like your decorations placed. Providing pictures to the property management team is very helpful.

Finally, ask the property management team to send you pictures of how the rental is decorated. It will assure that everything is in it's place and it is set up in the best way to welcome your guests.


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