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A High-End Host's Guide to Luxurious Short-Term Rentals

The world of short-term rentals has seen a surge in demand for luxurious lodgings that offer more than just a bed to sleep in. Today’s discerning guests are seeking out vacation spaces that blend the comfort of home with the opulence of five-star hotels.

If you're aiming to capitalize on this trend and maximize your profits as a high-end host, here's your playbook for infusing luxury into your property, and transforming it into a haven for those who seek the finer things in life.

Luxury properties that command the highest prices provide all the comforts of home, wrapped in the luxury you’d find in top-tier hotels.

Offer the Pinnacle of Comfort with High-End Amenities

Embarking on a mission to transform your short-term rental into an enclave of exclusivity means delivering high-end amenities that surpass expectations. Discerning guests are lured in by the promise of elite comforts—so consider offering luxe toiletries, plush robes, and a selection of designer snacks and gourmet beverages.

But why stop there? Enrich your property with indulgent facilities like an outdoor hot tub, a chic fire pit, or a lounging sun deck. Add in some high-tech workout equipment and an elegantly appointed workspace to make it clear that your property is at the pinnacle of vacation luxury.

Transforming your short-term rental into an exclusive haven means providing luxurious amenities that go above and beyond expectations.

Seamless Automation for Ultimate Convenience

The modern traveler anticipates efficient service where convenience is king. Incorporate automation technology for features like contactless check-in/out procedures, digital guidebooks for local recommendations, and easy Wi-Fi connections. In light of recent global changes, these digital solutions present both safety and simplicity—they're not just anticipated but appreciated.

Today's luxury traveler looks for properties that are designed for ultimate convenience.

Immaculate Cleanliness: The Gold Standard

In luxury accommodations, cleanliness is sacred—expected to be maintained rigorously throughout every crevice of the property. Building a dependable cleaning crew ensures not only spotlessness but also reassures guests that their comfort and health are paramount. For extended visits, additional housekeeping services underscore this commitment to supreme standards.

Top-notch cleaning practices give your guests the assurance that their comfort and wellness are your top priorities.

Cultivate Elegance through Interior Design

A luxury rental's interior should be nothing short of spectacular; every piece of furniture and decor must make a statement about elegance and style. Keeping up with contemporary design trends is critical—invest in quality furniture, striking art pieces, and sophisticated accessories.

This is why we partner with Thompson Traders. Thompson brings the beauty and craftsmanship of Mexico to American homes with its hand-hammered sinks, bathtubs and accessories for the kitchen and bath.

Growing up in Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico, revered coppersmithing capital of the world, Thompson Traders' Founder and Creative Director, Alejandra Ochoa de Thompson, dreamed of bringing the artistic beauty of copper and time-honored craftsmanship of  her home to the United States.

In 2002, Thompson's vision came to fruition when she began selling distinctive copper sinks in local markets and showrooms. The exceptional craftsmanship quickly gained traction, capturing the attention of national retail chains at an International Builders Show. This exposure led to Thompson's products being showcased in Home Depot Design Centers.

Three of the four Thompson children, Jonathan, Samantha, Alejandra, and Clifford, hold key roles in the company.

Now, the family-operated enterprise has broadened its range, presenting an array of kitchen and bath fixtures that include not only copper but also hammered stainless steel, fine ceramic, and durable composite granite. Their sinks, tubs, and custom range hoods come to life with a fusion of timeless elegance grounded in classic, handmade mastery.

Luxury Properties Command Top-Tier Pricing

When you invest such diligence into every facet—from amenities to aesthetics—you aren't merely enhancing a space; you're crafting unforgettable experiences that command top-tier pricing and create loyal patrons who will return time after time seeking luxury away from home. Competitive yet rewarding—this is how you masterfully play the game as a high-end host.

Upgrade Your Property's Luxe Potential with Thompson Traders

If you're a member of the Vacation Rental Designers Collective you'll receive additional benefits from Thompson Traders (over and above trade pricing) including:

  • Fast pass approval and a better discount than is offered through local showrooms!

  • 30% off Retail Pricing

  • 50% off Retail Pricing for Personal Use

With the right partner, like Thompson Traders, your vacation rental property can offer unparalleled luxury, ensuring repeat bookings and glowing reviews.

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