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Designing A Family-Friendly Rental Property With An Ocean View

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Most of our VRBO clients do not live where they own, and same as you, they usually want a home to love privately and another to share. They take pride in their homes and truly want their guests to feel special. If that sounds like you (and you’ve been contemplating renovating your coastal VRBO), this is your sign to take the next step!

Wondering what that would look like? Let us walk you through our latest transformation.

Meet this Spacious, Ocean View Rental Design

Located in Newport Oregon, this large home can sleep up to 10. It was designed in a way that enables guests to interact with one another yet also have privacy. The main house has private suites, including a bunk room that sleeps 4, and each room has its own bathroom. The living spaces can easily accommodate a large group of people, and the garage has a media area which can be a great hangout space for teens.

For this particular project, our goal was to update this lovely ocean view property to accommodate a larger group of guests and create a warmer, more welcoming environment. To make the experience even more enjoyable, we planned to add a deck addition that incorporates the existing hot tub… with a glass wall, of course, so nothing obstructs the view!

Fun Fact: We were initially hired to redesign the interiors of all of the spaces in the home, but after discussing it, we ended up taking the property down to the studs! The inspection showed that we had to raise the concrete pad 3.5 inches, so yup, that’s what we did.

Enough talk already, let’s walk through it together, shall we?

Ocean View Rental Design: Living Spaces

We walk in together and… welcome to your fun coastal getaway!

As you walk into the home, you will be greeted by the main living spaces. The living room and the kitchen are both one open space and can accommodate a large group of people.

As you enter, you feel a friendly, laid-back vibe that tells you this is not just another rental design. It is more like a family-owned place that’s been designed to make yours feel at home. Feels cozy and soothing, am I right?

Living Room

While designing the living room, we knew the Owner wanted to keep the existing sofa and chairs. Another request was to incorporate red, white, and blue. With an initially muted color palette, we thought that red sofas would add warmth and life to the space all at once.

Pro Tip: Leather ages well!

Functional Kitchen with L-Shaped Island

One of our main design goals was to create a fully functional kitchen that would entertain a large group, so we had to be smart with our floorplan. To design a kitchen prep area and dining space all at once, we built this L-shaped island. It easily seats 8 and could fit a couple more if a group wanted to scrunch together. They don’t bite, right?

We selected this navy blue color to bring in a bit of a coastal feel and to balance the warm tones of the living room with some cool tones. It just draws you right in, doesn’t it? Salvaged beams are the center structure of the island.

How can you have a fully functioning kitchen without a coffee bar? Not in our house! Or in any house that has paying guests. 😉

We added wooden floating shelves to the far right of the countertop to create a dedicated coffee space. There are filters, napkins, and sugar easily accessible. This is the best spot to start guests’ mornings on the right foot.

Now that we’ve toured the main floor, it’s time to go downstairs to see the bedrooms. Before we do so, check out this stairwell. We chose LVP (luxury vinyl plank flooring) for the home.

To transition this high performing vinyl we used painted white wood for the risers. We also incorporated a metal railing that compliments the metal spindles and salvaged wood newel post. These selections were designed to feel coastal, easy to clean and maintain, and, of course, look good.

As we make our way downstairs, you can see that we carried on with the coastal feel of the living spaces.

Ocean View Rental Design: The Guest Bedrooms

Every bedroom feels like a private suite and has breathtaking views. We incorporated lots of throws, extra pillows, luggage racks, and USB ports in the bedrooms for a hospitality feel.

Since this is still a rental, we made sure to design the rooms to have placement for luggage, areas to sit, storage for dirty shoes, and a unique view (binoculars, bird books, etc.). All the good stuff. To give it even more of a personal touch, the owners constantly change the books in the library, with the bonus of including extra towels, and sand toys.

The first thing that you notice walking into this bedroom is the bedding. Nothing says coastal getaway like a beachy set of sheets. As a matter of fact, these are our very own line of hospitality linens!

An undeniable family favorite is this bunk room. I was inspired by some local architecture that had the half moon shape in their façade. I incorporated that shape into the bunks. The ladder has a lock mechanism that housekeeping can use to easily remove it if needed. Each built-in bunk has its own light, shelf, and USB access. (You know the kids will go crazy for that.) There is also a bench with hooks at the end for more storage.

Unique Guest Bathrooms

Like the rest of the home, we designed the bathrooms in a style that could be called coastal meets transitional. We wanted each bathroom to have its own personality, so we incorporated different tile designs and feels. Take a look!

For this bathroom, we kept it fun, bright, and classic, incorporating navy and red (like in the living spaces upstairs), crisp white subway tiles, and natural wood.

This one feels a little darker and more stormy — in a good way. Wood-printed tiles and pebble flooring bring the outdoors in, while the darker tones create a moody, soothing ambiance. Of course, we offset it all with a light vanity and walls to keep it feeling classic and fresh.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this was a fun and successful project for us, and the property owners were delighted with the results! Only one block from downtown Newport and the beach, this sweet coastal getaway turned out to be the ultimate ocean view destination.

What about you? Shall we revamp your VRBO next?

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