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Vacation Rental Designers Launches Membership & Mentorship Program

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Interior design brand, Vacation Rental Designers is launching an exciting new membership program for designers during the inaugural VRD Summit.

Julia Harmon, co-founder of Vacation Rental Designers shared, “Our goal in launching the membership and mentorship program is to combine our trifecta of experience and knowledge in the vacation rental market and to provide industry perspectives for building a more successful vacation rental business.”

Led by Vacation Rental Designers co-founders Jessica Duce, owner and principal of interior design firm JDuce Design and expert vacation rental designer, Julia Harmon, experienced REALTOR® with Compass RE Texas, LLC and seasoned property manager, and Cass Pietrok, owner and operator of multiple vacation rental properties. Their membership program is jam-packed with everything you need to know to get started in your own vacation rental design business.

Launching in sync with the VRD Summit, the Vacation Rental Designers Membership registration opens on Thursday, April 20th, and is available to interior, kitchen & bath, and vacation rental designers who want to learn more about the business of vacation rental design.

This inclusive membership program also works to educate and inspire its designer members on how to work with owners/investors, property managers, and service providers, how to discover and talk the language of Vacation Rental Design, as well as to how to gain the best value for each property so that your investment delivers bigger profit margins and higher ROIs.

“For a designer who sort of stumbled into vacation rental design nearly a decade ago, I have learned a lot, and have worked hard to educate myself, owners, and the brands I work with.” shared Jessica Duce, founder of JDuce Design and co-owner of Vacation Rental Designers. “My love for (the) vacation rental industry also makes me want to share what I have learned along the way. There is a need for designers who are embarking into the STR industry and to come in with an understanding on how the owners can make a profitable business and what these properties need to be successful.” “As one of the fastest growing categories in design, I am excited to support and mentor others about this exciting niche and to help our design community grow this field even more.”

Vacation Rental Designers Membership is a unique combination of courses, consulting, and community for designers who want to learn more about the booming vacation rental design industry. The membership program also helps to train new designers with education and courses on how to best access new investment properties. It will help teach how to present the property's value to their clients, and how to deliver the best guest experience, with excellent reviews.

Cass Pietrok, a co-founder of Vacation Rental Designers, commented, “As an owner of several successful STR properties, it is important to educate owners and investors on what design strategies yield the highest return on investment, and I have first-hand experience and proven track record for what works best for achieving the best ROI.” “Having great design specifically for your rentals equates to an increase in my property's profitability. This strategy as well as knowing how to run the business side of the property are my secret sauce. I look forward to sharing these powerful insights with our membership.”

In addition to education and courses, each month, the Vacation Rental Designers Membership Program features live Q&A sessions with one of the founders to answer the most pressing questions and how to work through your biggest challenges. Signature courses, resources, collaboration, product and brand discoveries, coaching, and community are all in one place to support the vacation rental design industry.

“Our goal is to train designers on how to transform a property into - that place. A hidden gem of a property, exactly as your guests have imagined it. A property that is booked without hesitation and keeps guests coming back year after year.” “Also so that our designer members become that person that their design clients call again and again to refresh and manage all their future designs and investment properties,” shared Cass, Julia, and Jessica, co-founders of Vacation Rental Designers.

Vacation Rental Designers Membership also includes access to a tribe via a private online community of like-minded creatives who are also building their Vacation Rental Businesses. Members can connect and share ideas and collaborate on all things VRD!

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