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Must-Have Amenities To Enhance Your Guest Experience

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Curating the right combination of amenities will make your property stand out from the competition. Here are 5 of our must-have amenities to help keep your rental booked—and getting rave reviews—all year long!

According to AirDNA, the Short-Term Rental (STR) industry’s share of the total US-based

lodging revenue rose more than 25% during the pandemic and has continued to grow into 2023.

Over this same time period, we have noticed that guest expectations have changed as well. Guests now expect a more personalized approach, with amenities that create an experience, not just accommodations.

Due to the increased STR inventory (and high competition), you will need to choose the right combination of amenities to make your property stand out from the rest. To help you get started, we're sharing our top 5 must-have amenities to keep your rental booked all year long!

Must-Have Amenities for Your Short-Term Vacation Rental

Smart Locks

This is an easy addition to make to your property and offers your guests an easy way to enter and exit your STR. Codes can be created for each new guest by the property owner or manager via an app. You can share codes with your guests before arrival for a smooth check-in process. Each code can be set to expire on the date and time of checkout.

Vacation Rental Designer's Choice: Smart Lock Keyless Entry System

High-Speed Wi-Fi

You would think that in 2023, all Short-Term Rentals would be equipped with Wi-Fi. I'm here to let you know that I just stayed at a property that didn't, so those unicorns do exist! Like electricity, heating, and cooling, Wi-Fi is pretty much a utility these days. If you want to keep your property booked, you need to provide reliable Wi-Fi.

Guests use their phones, laptops, and tablets to check out the local area, order takeout, reserve an Uber or Lyft, check email, and participate in Zoom calls. Kids and teenagers expect Wi-Fi for their own phones, tablets, and games. It's kind of non-negotiable and is much more convenient and safe for your guests than using a personal hot spot or unsecured public Wi-Fi connection. While It does come with a monthly cost, it is tax deductible. Check out last month's blog for more tax tips for STR owners.

Ceiling Fans Throughout

Ceiling fans are another amenity that you really need to consider. Fans give your guests the opportunity to customize your home's environment during their stay. There should be a ceiling fan in each bedroom and all of the common living areas, if possible.

Luckily, this is an inexpensive task and can be tax deductible. Having the ceiling fan as an option to use will make your guests feel more comfortable. If there is no option for adding a ceiling fan, consider decorative standing fans instead.

Vacation Rental Designer's Choice: 3-Blade Modern 52-inch Ceiling Fan with Remote

Nice Hangers For The Closets

Hotels offer this amenity already so STRs should as well. Having sturdy hangers will allow your guests to organize their belongings in an easy way will make a huge difference in their experience. Wood hangers work for all kinds of clothing including heavy winter coats and sweaters as well as delicate dresses and evening gowns. Guests do not want to break cheap plastic hangers when hanging up a jacket or snag a sweater on a crooked wire hanger.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget the luggage racks! They allow guests of all mobility levels to easily access luggage without having to bend over too far. It is also the best way to keep guests from putting their dirty suitcases on the bed. Just give them a better place to put it!

Vacation Rental Designer’s Choice: Winsome Remy Luggage Rack in Cappuccino

Charging Stations for A Variety of Devices

Having multiple locations to charge your phone makes things so easy for your guests. Each bedroom and all living spaces should have a charging station of some kind. You can install electrical outlets with USB ports. In bedrooms, we like to use lamps or side tables with integrated USB outlets. There are also console tables, end tables, and desks with integrated power strips and USB outlets. They're a convenient amenity and your guests will love them!

For extra hospitality brownie points, add extra charging cables for different devices to your charging stations. They're inexpensive but a true life-saver for a guest who has left their phone charging cord at home.

Vacation Rental Designer's Choice: Table Lamp Set with Dual USB Charging Ports

These are a few easy examples of amenities to add to your Short-Term Rental that will give you higher guest satisfaction and better reviews. If you'd like more information on growing your Short-Term Rental or Vacation Rental business, reach out! We would love to talk to you.

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