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Increase ROI with Strategic Vacation Rental Amenities

Standing out is key to driving bookings to your short-term vacation rental and boosting your Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR). Think beyond the expected. Pools, hot tubs, and in-unit laundry facilities are not just perks, they are significant revenue drivers. To truly stand out, you need to offer more than just the basics.

With over six million short-term vacation property listings vying for attention, savvy hosts turn to high-impact amenities to distinguish their properties and increase ROI.

short-term vacation rental property with in-ground pool

Outpacing the Competition with Unique Amenities

The secret to increasing your ROI through amenities lies in customization. Align your property's features with the desires and expectations of your target guests. For beachfront rentals, consider adding washers and dryers for guests to manage sandy attire. Conversely, a mountain retreat might benefit from the cozy addition of a fireplace.

At Vacation Rental Designers, we recognize the importance of offering amenities that cater to diverse guest needs, from those seeking a digital detox to remote workers and families. Some may compromise on certain features, but missing key amenities that competitors offer can result in lost revenue. The goal is to invest in amenities that not only satisfy basic needs but also elevate your property's allure.

Utilizing data from AirDNA, we can identify which amenities are most effective in different locales. In beach destinations, a swimming pool can significantly raise your rental's appeal and income, whereas, in a snowy mountain locale, guests might find a fireplace more inviting. It's crucial to weigh the potential ROI against the costs of installation and maintenance for each amenity.

stone fireplace in rustic cabin

Boost RevPAR with these Amenities

Our review of AirDNA's analysis of three-bedroom homes across varied settings revealed clear winners:

  • Pools: Homes with pools can earn up to 37% more per available night, standing out in urban and rural cities.

  • Hot Tubs: Properties featuring hot tubs average a 35% RevPAR increase, a unique selling point in less common locations.

  • Washers and Dryers: A universal value-add, these appliances can lift RevPAR by 24%, especially in beach locales for post-beach cleanups.

To ensure your amenities contribute to your financial goals, be sure to craft a tailored comparative set to void guesswork by analyzing top-performing rentals in your market. You can also study similar properties to understand which amenities drive success and identify opportunities for differentiation. Finally, align your use the insights from your comparative analysis to make strategic amenity enhancements. AirDNA’s Amenity Filter is a helpful tool for identifying and integrating amenities that align with your investment strategy and guest preferences.

By meticulously selecting and tailoring amenities, your short-term vacation rental can exceed guest expectations and secure its position as a top choice in your market niche.

southern california home

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Join us in redefining the vacation rental industry—one beautifully profitable space at a time.

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