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Design Your Vacation Rental for Romance

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Valentine’s Day is nearly here, which means guests in vacation rentals across the country are getting ready to steam up the romance. We know… you probably don’t want to think about couples getting jiggy in your VRBO, right? But it’s happening whether you want to think about it or not — and not just on one special day of the year!

So, here’s the big question… is your rental property equipped to handle sexy time?

That’s right — the romance factor is extremely important to consider when designing your vacation rentals. It provides your guests with a positive experience, keeps the neighbors in blissful ignorance, and gives you a bit of control over the wear and tear your poor furnishings may experience.

Today we are sharing our 5 top tips for designing your vacation rental for romance time. We know this is a ballsy topic to tackle, but we figured, “Hey, it’s February. We’re all adults here. And who couldn’t use a good belly laugh while getting some practical advice, right?”

Let’s talk about sex, baby. 😉

Tip 1. Design Locations for Romance

So, you just built this gorgeous vacation rental. You hired a fabulous designer who made it look like the ultimate luxurious getaway. Now, you’re hoping your return on investment will be through the roof. Sounds familiar, right?

Did you include romantic spots in this design? If not, you should! When you create a dedicated magical area in the home, it enables you to control where guests do the deed, thereby diminishing tragic furniture casualties.

In addition to the obvious choice of the master bedroom, you could also include a simple private bench with a view, hanging chairs for two, or a more secluded canopy spot. In these spots especially, quality furniture is worth the investment!

You could also provide lots of throw blankets (the washable kind), and maybe a picnic basket with a map to a secluded park or a beach nearby. These all sound like small additions, but trust me, they will make all the difference in amping up the romance and your property’s longevity.

Tip 2. Bring in the Mood Lighting

So, now you know where to design spots for romance. Next, how to set the mood. Answer: mood lighting, of course! This might sound obvious, but mood lighting in the bedroom is crucial. Think about a sexy restaurant or a chic hotel — they all create an ambiance with lights on dimmers and yellow-toned bulbs. (Compare that to the blue-toned light in a grocery store — no romance there, that’s for sure!)

Since bedrooms can serve multiple functions, the secret is to diversify the sources of lighting. Include an overhead light source, battery operated candles and a few lamps for dealer’s choice. 😉

Tip 3. Have Extra Towels & Sheets Handy

Bet you saw this one coming, right? In general, a towel shortage does not a luxury experience make, especially for long-term guests. During romance time, a towel shortage that limits cleanup is not doing you any favors.

This is when your towel closet comes in handy. Place extra towels within easy reach of any romantic locations. Same thing with extra sheets in the bedroom. I’d also make sure to include all of these in your inventory, so they don’t walk away. 😉

Pro Tip: White towels are ideal — you can easily toss them all into the laundry with some bleach and they are good as new.

Tip 4. Install Privacy Curtains for Happy Neighbors

We’ve created romantic spots for your guests. Now, it’s time to preserve the neighbors’ innocence. It’s so wonderful to rent a vacation home with a beautiful view, but you don’t necessarily want your guests to BE the view if you know what I mean.

Privacy curtains are a must. And not just the flimsy ones that show a romantic silhouette. They should be solid and light-blocking (which also contributes to setting a mood). Anywhere the neighbors can see into the home, give them the gift of ignorance.

Tip 5. Offer Add-Ons for an Elevated Experience

Now, this last tip is the cherry on top. This is what will distinguish you from any other vacation rental. How about offering add-ons to your tenants? Some champagne bottles, heart-shaped chocolates (the good kind), cozy slippers, or even silky-soft robes with the option to purchase them.

Your renters will feel special, cared for, and eager to get it on… and leave you a well-satisfied, 5-star review when they’re done.

And there you go, a bulletproof design strategy for designing for a happy ending: a desirable and long-lasting vacation rental. We know this topic is timely for Valentine’s Day, but vacation rentals are romance hotspots year-round. They provide an escape from the routine of life, and a chance for connection (or reconnection), and maybe a little extra spice that their primary residences don’t offer.

In other words, if you can provide them with the romantic (but not clichéd) atmosphere they crave, you will be positioning your rental as the go-to destination for a truly wonderful experience.

If you’re still not sure where to start, we are more than happy to help you. Let's get in touch!

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