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Boost Your Rental's 5-Star Reviews with Top-notch Cleanliness

When it comes to making guests feel at home in a short-term rental, there's one thing they absolutely love above all else: sparkling cleanliness.

In fact, a study by the American Hotel & Lodging Association tells us that a whopping 81% of travelers put cleanliness at the top of their list when picking a place to stay. And guess what? Platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo are totally on board with this. They know how much a shiny-clean place matters, so much so that it can bump up a host's spot in the search results and make their listing shine.

made bed with pillows and nightstand with lamp short term vacation rental home

Now, let's talk about why keeping your rental spick-and-span makes your guests' stay unforgettable. That same study found that nearly 81% of guests are all about cleanliness when they decide on a rental. Plus, if they walk into a place that's neat as a pin, they're 78% more likely to leave a glowing review. It's clear as day - keeping your place in tip-top shape is key to happy guests and those rave reviews we all love.

So, what gets guests talking and typing up those five-star reviews? It's all about:

  1. The whole place being clean as a whistle, from the living room to the bathrooms and kitchen.

  2. Linens, towels, and bedding that smell like they just came out of the dryer.

  3. Not a whiff of any yucky odors anywhere in the property.

  4. Super-thorough cleaning that hits all the nooks and crannies.

  5. And if you've got shared spaces, making sure they're not just clean, but hygienically spotless.

clean and crisp linens folded and stacked short term vacation rental home

Okay, let's dive into keeping your cozy short-term rental spotless! It's a bit like a secret recipe for those rave reviews. First thing's first, roll up your sleeves and get into a rock-solid cleaning groove between guest visits. If you're juggling a million things, why not call in the pros? A professional cleaning crew will have your place looking sharp, top to bottom.

And because everyone likes a little spruce-up now and then, stash some cleaning goodies where your guests can find them. You know, for those who love to keep things tidy on their own. Keep an eagle eye out for any little fixes the place needs and get onto them quick as a flash.

Now, here's how to get that "wow, it's so clean!" reaction:

  1. Give every surface a good scrub-a-dub to welcome your guests into a fresh space. Zoom in on those spots everyone touches, like door handles, switches, and remotes, to keep the germs at bay.

  2. Choose cleaning champs that zap away germs for a super hygienic hideaway.

  3. Keep linens and towels as fluffy and fresh as a mountain breeze.

  4. Jump on maintenance like a superhero, keeping your place not just clean, but in tip-top shape.

cleaning headboard with cloth in a short term vacation rental home

Remember, keeping things running smoothly is key. A well-oiled rental is like a well-loved car – it just goes better and makes everyone happy. Plus, happy guests mean happy reviews!

And hey, let's not forget tech's helping hand. With smart tools to keep track of cleaning schedules and nifty gadgets like UV-C wands and robot vacuums, you can keep things neat as a pin with a touch of a button.

In a nutshell, cleanliness is king in the short-term rental world. It's what makes guests come back for more and leave those glowing reviews. So, whether you bring in the cleaning pros, stick to a top-notch cleaning routine, or use a bit of tech wizardry, it's all about making your guests feel comfy, cared for, and ready to leave a shining review!

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